The Grape Escape - Private Parties

The Grape Escape - Private Parties

There is ALWAYS an excuse to throw a private party at The Grape Van Gogh. Here is some info to get you started. Big changes for 2023. When ready to book or if you have additional questions, give us a call, (208) 244-0690 , send us a Facebook message, or shoot us an email at (check the spelling. It's a doozy).  The private party request form can also be used. This is only a request, not a confirmation of a booked party.

For all parties (changes for 2023)

  • Private Parties will be booked outside of our typical public paint times and are at the artists discretion. Book early as available slots can fill up fast! Non-refundable deposit of $148 (4 seats) to book.
  • Total balance ($592/16 seats) is due from the host/ess  48+ hours before the party. It will be one lump sum. If the balance is not paid at this time the party will be cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited. The hostess is responsible for collecting fees from friends. If you have more than 20 participants the additional registrations can be purchased individually online at $37 per person.
  • You may book in an offsite location with a minimum of 29 painters and a 75 dollar travel fee within 10 miles of Idaho falls. Call for rates beyond 10 miles.
  • Private Party participant minimums may be increased during the month of December.
  • You chose the painting from our gallery. We may be able to paint a new one to fit your theme for an additional 45 dollars. There are some paintings we will not do for private parties because of the time frames.
  • You may bring in food and/or cake. You provide the plates, napkins, and utensils. Don't forget the birthday candles! 🙂 Food may also be catered in or participants may bring in "take out" for private parties. Our space is somewhat limited and an outlet may not be available nearby. You may bring beer/wine if over 21. We provide plastic wine glasses.
  • NO coupon/promotion codes may be used for private parties, but gift card codes can be used anytime.
  • Private parties may have participants of all ages and may also bring in beer/wine as the host assumes responsibility for minors.
  • The host may choose the party music.
  • It is possible to send you a pdf file of a custom invitation for your party if needed.

Adult Private Parties

  • Minimum of 20 participants or $740
  • Price is 37 dollars for each participant with the full 20
  • Party will be 3ish hours long and will be lead by an artist
  • Painting will be on an 16x20 stretched canvas (usually)
  • All attendees must be painting participants. No spectators.
  • The non-refundable private party deposit is the cost of four seats ($148). The minimum fee is non refundable, so if you cancel you will forfeit your deposit.

Kids Private Parties. (Unavailable currently)

  • Minimum of 10 participants or $260
  • Price is 26 dollars per party goer
  • Party will be 2 hours long and will be lead by an artist
  • Painting will be on an 11X14 stretched canvas depending on painting
  • You may eat and open presents in the studio during a private party
  • Deposit for Children's party is 50% and is non-refundable. The remainder is due on party day.