Finding Answers to Questions

Where are you located?

We are located on 1500 Pancheri Drive in Idaho Falls and 240 South Main Street in Pocatello

How long is each event?
Event times vary by complexity of painting and sometimes the dynamics of the crowd. Paintings will take between 2-3 hours.
Can I cancel my registration?
You may cancel your registration 48 hours in advance for credit for another event at a later date. This gives us the opportunity to fill your seat. There will be no credit refunds for cancellations made less than 48 hours before an event.
Can my friend / date watch while I paint?
They are welcome to do whatever they wish, but everyone in attendance will pay the admission fee and be provided with painting materials.
Can I bring food?
The person sitting next to you may not want to smell your pork fried rice or cajun salmon during their night out. Food may be brought or catered in for private events only. We provide light snacks and beverages available for purchase.
Do you sell wine or beer?
Not at this time, but you may BYO for evening events if you are 21 or older.
Optional, but YES, please do. We have wine glasses for you to use. We cannot cork or pour your wine however. Cash bars are also available to book for your private event from a few restaurants.
I want to come with my family but don't want to hang the same picture on the wall
You may chose to do the painting in different colors or with complimenting features to create a series. You could keep one or two and give others as gifts. A person or two may decide to paint something completely different during the event. There are several options.
Can I bring my children?
Children are welcome to paint during daytime events but the evenings are reserved for adults 18 and older. We ask that all children who are present buy a painting seat (other than infants).
Are frames available for my artwork?
Yes, we sell very reasonably priced frames for the 16X20 canvases. You may also chose to hang the stand alone canvas. Just be sure to paint the edges, we'll instruct you to do so anyway.
Can I book a private party somewhere besides the studio?
YES! Give us a call to arrange with our mobile unit. How many people can attend one paint event? We consider 40 people a full house. Our building occupancy, however, will allow us to accommodate more if need be. Call us to arrange if necessary.
How long does a painting to dry?
Acrylic paint is usually dry to the touch after 15-30 minutes. Transportation of your piece at the end of the evening is usually best lying flat, face up in the trunk. It is considered completely dry after 24 hours.
What should I wear?
We will provide aprons but we recommend that you don't wear your best clothing or bring your best handbag. Acrylic paint is water soluble and when washed right away usually comes out of clothing, but there is no guarantee that it will not stain your clothes. The Grape Van Gogh is not responsible for personal items damaged by paint.