Fundraisers with The Grape Van Gogh

Fundraisers with The Grape Van Gogh

How awesome is it to live in a community that supports each other?! We, the owners, have been on the receiving end of this and are excited to be a part of something that can "give back."

We would love to discuss with you ways in which we can support your non-profit organization, school or family in need. Fundraisers are most often booked Sunday through Wednesday evenings and are operated like a public event with a portion of proceeds going toward the charity. You may even get creative with catering or live music. We can work to advertise the event together. Alcohol may be sold during fundraisers, after notifying the city in advance, and 100% of these proceeds will be donated to the charity. You may organize catering for fundraisers open to the public or bring in homemade food for private fundraisers.

The date and painting must be chosen before the party can be booked. Painting choice cannot change as people will be registering expecting the painting they see on the calendar. Fundraiser tickets are $45 dollars or more and coupon codes may not be used.

Email or call us at (208) 557-3870 to discuss the options.