The Grape Van Gogh's Background

Our Background

Bringing the entertainment of the big city to Idaho Falls…because adults want to play too!

We have had one crazy year. I'll spare you the details until we're good friends but imagine spending 8 months at Primary Children's Hospital. When I was particularly worn down, a good friend of mine drove from Boise and drug me from the hospital to a paint and sip venue in Salt Lake. This was a foreign concept and a first for me. It was very therapeutic and loads of fun. A few months later I began painting again. I can attest, that it's not nearly as much fun all by yourself.

"What did you do for your Birthday" I was repeatedly asked. I said "I went to dinner-3 times." Dinner or Movie. Really is there much else for us adults? I began researching the paint and sip industry and realized that the idea had exploded all over the nation. Even small cities, like ours, were catching the art "bug", and the studios were thriving. After discussing the concept with family we decided to move forward with a formal business. Finding and signing on to the perfect location across from the mall has made us move even faster. We are so excited to be able to offer something so trendy, so entertaining, and so unique to Idaho Falls and the surrounding area. So, as a tribute to my daughter, let's experience and take notice of the beautiful things in life. It's all about the process and a little about the painting.