Memory Keepsake Hands Statue Kit Molding Powder & Casting Plaster by Grape Arts

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DIY Memory Keepsake Hands Statue Kit Molding Powder and Casting Plaster by Grape Arts

Cast and Capture Stone Statue Kit

  • Easy to use DIY kit includes enough material to cast two adult hands or 3 smaller children’s hands.
  • Featuring Calidistone, 8-10 times the compressive strength of other casting plasters
  • The fine Calidistone powder mixes to a smooth consistency lending to the fine detail on the finished product.
  • Kit includes: 1.1 lbs of molding powder, 2.5 lbs of Calidistone powder, pearl paint, paintbrush, detail pin,
  • bucket 7.25 inches deep with a 6.16 inches wide at the mouth,
  • Easy to read instructions written in American English
  • Includes finishing paint in pearl white
  • Ample time to obtain your mold. Up to 8 minutes of mixing and setting time.
  • Skin-safe Silica Free molding gel
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • You might choose to create a memory for a wedding, anniversary, family generations, siblings,

    church confirmation, best friends, or perhaps with a relative on hospice.

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